South-Shore-Living-Fashion-Focus-adFashion Focus Program strives to inspire women of all ages to discover the beauty of self-confidence. Classes include poise, posture and confidence, skin care, manners, social etiquette, positive body image, personal grooming, public speaking, nutrition, exercise and so much more. Modeling techniques are taught as a way to reinforce the students’ poise and posture and students are eligible to model in fashion shows at several area malls.

We believe every girl should “feel” beautiful on the inside. Our classes are designed to help girls of all ages discover who they are and what makes them unique. We offer beginner and advanced classes in the spring, summer and fall. Come discover what the Boston Globe calls “A Pembroke modeling program teaching lessons that are more than skin-deep.”

The Patriot Ledger Newspaper created this video in conjunction with the article “Style with Substance” which is about the experiences of being a student at Fashion Focus Program.  This video captures some of the students true feelings of what this program means to them and the powerful impact of “owning the room”.

As part of the video you will hear a few of the students talk about the positive impact that Fashion Focus has had on them.

“It’s about gaining the self-confidence through the modeling and putting yourself out there in front of everyone.”  Katie Bibinski, Marshfield, MA

“I like being on the runway because everything I’m scared of and everything I don’t feel good about myself goes away and I feel like everyone is there for me.”  Emily Shea, Hanover, MA

“It’s all about what you think about yourself.  It’s not about what anyone else says.  Labels hurt.  They really hurt.  You shouldn’t judge people by what they look like.  It’s about how they act.”  Haley Lamoureux, Holliston, MA (formerly of Hanover, MA)